A sampling of book covers and descriptions. 

The extraordinary commonness of two boys’ daily life can become a delightful collection… worthy of a book.

All of the art work of the Raschke’s first born child was saved and stored; hence six years of Bennett’s art is chronicled.

This book was quite an undertaking for Bill Owens, who researched the Pagel family for years. This collaborative effort made for a beautiful book.

This travel book shows the extraordinary beauty and history of Oaxaca City, as well as remnants of the artistic murals resulting from the 2006 clash between the locals & Federales.

This story of Life & Love begins with World War II.

When we still had time for whimsy…Two sets of sisters and their assorted friends got together for celebration, adventure, and called by name The Ladies Club.

Charity work in Ghana made for a heartfelt book, chronicling a young woman’s compassion and caring.

Minifred Trigg’s family story is told through pictures, with Hills Prairie as a backdrop. Lovely.

A favorite aunt. Her hobbies were travel, gardening and reading the Bible.